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Dogfighting footballer Michael Vick

Posted by lisagbrown on August 22, 2007

Yesterday I caught a roundtable discussion on Sports Center about the Michael Vick dogfighting case. I was appalled by the lack of sensitivity, insight and awareness about the heinous violence associated with dogfighting, and indifference about the implications this ought to have on Vick’s career. Instead, the reporters pondered whether Vick would stay in shape during his imprisonment, and whether he would be too old to return to football after his three year sentence. Thankfully, Jon Stewart provided the voice of reason on his show last night. He condemned the inane banter of the sports analysts and highlighted the disturbing, horrific reality of dogfighting. As always, he did so with breezy irony and a wickedly sharp sense of humor.


One Response to “Dogfighting footballer Michael Vick”

  1. goodness gracious! said

    that was amazing.

    well, jon stewart was amazing. michael vick is insane, or at the very least, repulsive. i always wonder how people can behave like this, and yet maintain other, seemingly normal, relationships. i know compartmentalizing, separating behaviors and parts of your life from each other, mentally, is more prevalent among men – i wonder what the stats are on animal cruelty arrests among men and women.

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