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Stuft Acquaintances Part II

Posted by lisagbrown on September 25, 2007

“Save an animal, go plush!”

Stuft Acquaintances is the creation of “T&A”, Los Angeles-based artists Tanya and Amy. The twenty-something women are becoming well-known not only for their animal art, but also for “other kooky things we make like sushi, donuts, fortune cookies, steaks,” according to Tanya.

Their Stuft Acquaintances line was born when Tanya was about to have a baby and she couldn’t find any stuffed animals that she liked. When she and Amy brain-stormed they came up with the idea of mounting stuffed animals on wood like wild game. However, as Tanya explains, “because T&A truly love animals we wanted to make it cute and not at all creepy like real taxidermy. We really love animals and because we donate a portion to animal charity we came up with the slogan ‘save an animal, go plush!'”

The duo have a gallery show in LA at the Munky King gallery in the beginning of November. Remember to check out their wares by clicking here.


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