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Animal Inventory in the Boston Globe

Posted by lisagbrown on April 18, 2008

I’m excited to say that Animal Inventory is featured in the Saturday, April 19 issue of the Boston Globe. The story can be found in the living section or by clicking here:

Monkey in the Middle

Special thanks to Matt Shaer, the reporter who wrote the story and took the time to understand my complicated relationship with animals. Check out Matt’s other work at: Hard Corbeau

And special thanks to Nicole Hill, the photographer who shot the photos and the driving force behind the piece. Her body of work can be found on her website: Nicole V. Hill Photojournalist

Click here to visit the Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled website

Photo by Nicole V. Hill (Adam, Simon’s foster father, puts Simon’s empty bowl on his head after he’s done eating. Lisa Brown and Adam Dardeck raise a Helping Hands capuchin monkey in their home. Brown writes about animal imagery in popular culture, and studies human and animal relationships.)

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One Response to “Animal Inventory in the Boston Globe”

  1. karin said

    Lisa, I loved the article!

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