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Inventory of the Day

Posted by lisagbrown on April 21, 2008

This blog entry continues some of the themes explored in the blog entry Animalities.

Today I have created a true inventory of animals. I noted every animal I encountered from morning till night. These included animals that are living or dead, visual representations of animals, and even the sounds of animals.


4:13 AM Am awoken to the sound of a bird outside my window, cooing the same song over and over again. The repetition prevents me from falling back to sleep.

4:45 AM I finally give in to wakefulness and join my cat on the couch. I watch TV while he sleeps.

6:26 AM Am watching an episode of Angel in which the vampire battles a human-sized praying mantis monster.

6:41 AM Simon begins to tap on his food bowl in the next room to let me know that I’ve woken him up, and he wants his breakfast.


8:13 AM On a neighbor’s porch, there’s a sculpture of a stone terrier with a welcome sign around its neck.

8:17 AM Just barely hidden in a garden behind a house, I can see the silhouette of a garden sculpture in the shape of a crane.

8:23 AM On the bus, we pass the White Hen Pantry, whose logo is a fat white hen.

8:26 AM Just a few streets down, we drive past the Swan cleaners, whose logo is an elegant white swan.

8:31 AM Just ahead of the bus, I see the bloody remains of roadkill. It is fresh, but so mangled that it is unidentifiable. Probably a squirrel, but it may have been a cat. It is easily the most gruesome roadkill I’ve seen in a long time. The animal’s flesh reminds me of the boiled chicken I ate for dinner last night and I’m immediately nauseated.

8:56 Got off the bus downtown in front of a 10-foot poster in a bank window of a woman holding a fluffy white terrier dog. A second poster, in the adjacent window, shows a man holding a child in a similar pose. I’m intrigued that the dog and the child seem to be given equal prominence.


10:32 AM A photo of two Wheaton Terriers hangs on a bulletin board in a coworkers cubicle.

11:25 AM As I pass through a sea of cubicles on my way to the water fountain, I catch glimpses of animals: a gorilla stuffed animal holding a banana lounges on a file cabinet, a wolf figurine howls silently, a painting of some sheep hangs on the wall.

11:57 AM A brown cow looks out from behind the Stonyfield Farm logo on my yogurt container.

1:03 PM I overhear a coworker discussing how medieval armor was lined with horsehair.

1:28 PM I eat a salad with chicken slices from the deli counter.

3:13 PM I realize that my black sweater is covered in Yoshi’s white fur.

3:40 PM From the 11th floor, I watch a pigeon wing its way between the buildings.


5:01 PM At the bus stop, I see a woman feeding birdseed to a single pigeon, while dozens of pigeons and seagulls fly 10 stories above.

5:13 PM On the bus, we pass a sculpture of a man and his dog, and a block later I see a teenager walking a calico pit bull.

5:14 PM A deli has an ad for Boars Head Ham prominently displayed in the window.

5:22 PM On the Mass Pike, we pass a billboard with the Red Sox’s Green monster on it, a creature that is definitely not human, but not quite animal either. Less than 30 seconds later, we pass another billboard with Elmo on it, a similarly indefinable being.

5:27 PM The Stockyard Steakhouse uses a large red bull’s head to lure commuters in for an evening steak.

5:30 PM I notice an advertisement above my head for the Walk for Kidney Health, with an incongruous image of kids with faces painted like tigers.

5:32 PM I see a Massachusetts “I’m animal friendly” license plate, with the silhouette of a dog and a cat on it. The car owners have a dog beanie baby in the window.

5:34 PM A woman on the bus is reading A Walk in the Woods. It has a photo of a brown bear on the cover.

5:40 PM There’s an ad at one of the bus stops that reads ‘is your dog licensed? 87% of licensed dogs who get lost are returned home.’ There’s a photo of an adorable Golden Lab puppy on the ad.

5:41 PM We pass a bar whose logo is the image of two Falcons, back to back.

5:44 PM Walking home, I see a white ceramic garden sculpture of two frogs smiling.

5:45 PM A squirrel crosses the street in front of me, just as a very happy Jack Russell terrier is being walked around the corner.

5:46 PM As a father walks past me with his baby, I notice there are colorful stuffed fish hanging from a mobile on the baby’s stroller.

5:48 PM Yoshi greets me at the door, and both he and Simon are ready for dinner.

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