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Parrot Offers Linguists a Mouthful

Posted by lisagbrown on May 23, 2008

Yesterday, CNN reported that a lost parrot in Japan recited his own name and home address to a veterinarian, and was therefore reunited with his family. It’s a heartwarming story that has sparked dialog about humans, animals and language.

Check out a posting by Professor Geoffrey Pullum (and be sure to read the responses) by going to the University of Pennsylvania blog Language Log.


One Response to “Parrot Offers Linguists a Mouthful”

  1. al said

    40 years ago my aunt had a parakeet named pete in bakersfield, ca that flew away. it flew into a class room and said his address. the teacher took him back to my aunts address. go figure. the next time he got out he was never seen again. true story! AL.

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