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Graphic Novel Raises Ethical Issues: Laika

Posted by lisagbrown on October 2, 2008

*To read the Animal Inventory interview with Nick Abadzis, author of Laika, click here*

Nick Abadzis’ graphic novel Laika tells the story of the first dog sent to space. Abadzis brings this story to life with vivid drawings and painstaking attention to historical detail. Laika was a street mutt whose life was sacrificed to further the Soviet/American space race.

Society and Animals: The Journal of Human-Animal Studies has published my full review of this amazing graphic novel. The review, which appears in the journal’s current issue, can be read by clicking the link below:

A Graphic Novel raises Ethical Issues: Laika. by Nick Abadzis.

*Update, Tuesday, October 7, 2008*

Nick Abadzis recently posted some new reviews of Laika on his blog. He included several in-depth reviews including mine, posted above. Check out the other reviews and explore Abadzis’ utterly entertaining site by clicking here.


3 Responses to “Graphic Novel Raises Ethical Issues: Laika”

  1. Debra Dur said

    Congrats on he publication of your review. I look forward to checking it out. This is certainly a contrast to how the chimpanzees spent to space have been portrayed in a recent animated film “Space Chimps,” where animals were “heroes who volunteered.” Such characterizations cloud our view of animal agency by white washing exploitation.

  2. […] here to read the rest: Graphic Novel Raises Ethical Issues: Laika This entry was written by admin, posted on October 2, 2008 at 6:38 pm, filed under graphic novel […]

  3. lisagbrown said

    Deb —
    Thanks for your comment. As a companion piece to Laika, I highly recommend the graphic novel First in Space by James Vining:

    It tells the story of the first chimp in space, and you may find that it is a more accurate portrayal of these events than the movie you mentioned.

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