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VOTE for Daily Coyote in the Blogger’s Choice Awards

Posted by lisagbrown on October 15, 2008

The Daily Coyote (which has long held a place on my blogroll) is up for a Blogger’s Choice Award. The voting ends tomorrow (Thursday, October 16th), so I strongly urge readers to vote for Daily Coyote as the Best Animal Blog. Most impressively, Daily Coyote is in the top three, up against and, two of the most popular animal sites on the net. While these two sites are fun, entertaining, and charming, Daily Coyote makes unparalleled contributions to the dialog about human-animal relationships. The site, by photographer Shreve Stockton, follows her experiences in adopting an orphaned coyote named Charlie. By combining photos and prose, Shreve allows viewers to have a better understanding of the artificial boundaries between wild and tame.


Vote for Daily Coyote at Blogger’s Choice Awards

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