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Oprah: How We Treat the Animals We Eat

Posted by lisagbrown on October 16, 2008

Yesterday, Oprah did a show about the current treatment of farm animals in American agriculture. You can view the Concious Choices slideshow on her website, which recaps the episode’s most critical points. I strongly encourage readers to check out this educational slideshow. Many people are hesitant to learn about the reality of farm animal welfare because it feels easier not to know. However, Oprah (through correspondant Lisa Ling) manages to accurately document farm animal life without resorting to graphic imagery, sensationalism, or scare tactics. The slideshow is a sobering statement on the reality of farm animal welfare, but it also leaves viewers feeling empowered about the choices they make in what they eat. There are some very simple, accessible ways to support humane treatment of farm animals, even if you are a meat eater — namely, vote to ban the tiny crates that house pregnant pigs, veal calves, and chickens; purchase humanely raised meat and eggs; and support farmers who strive to create a more animal-friendly, sustainable business.

Check out the Concious Choices slideshow on

Photo: Oprah shows the crates that pigs, calves and chickens live in for all or part of their lives.


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