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Art Ltd.’s Eco-themed Issue

Posted by lisagbrown on April 7, 2009

bird_greenneedleThe March/April 2009 issue of Art Ltd. is all about art that comments on environmental issues. While the whole magazine is a wonderful exploration of contemporary eco-art, of particular interest to me was the cover story about mutant animals. These pieces explore the ways that human relationships with animals (wild animals,in particular), can be confused, irresponsible, and at times adversarial. As editor in chief George Melrod says in his article,

Whether examining genetic modification or the commodification of the environment, whether investigating the unintended consequences of technology or the subtle power struggles implicit in interpersonal relationships, we can always set forth animals to make our case for us, calling them to the stand like so many injured furred-or-feathered witnesses for the prosecution. That these creatures don’t always understand their own malformity or plight only makes their tales more arresting, their situation all the more poignant. In some cases, these hybrids seem perfectly at ease with their eccentric anatomy. Often, however, their defects or dislocations do not seem to their benefit; rather these alterations seem detrimental, capricious, parasitic, imposed on them, or just plain wrong. In their disfigurement or displacement, these creatures do not seem like happy travelers on the Darwinian flow chart toward biological adaptation and collective self-betterment; rather they seem to be the result of a more malignant, distinctly unnatural selection.

Read the entire article at Art Ltd. or pick up the issue at your local bookstore.

(Above: Misako Inaoka, Green-pin Bird, 2006)


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