Animal Inventory Blog

Keeping track of animals in popular culture.


Animals show up in the strangest places. On TV a cow tells audiences to buy pork, in the movies a pig herds sheep, and a shampoo brand is marketed via the image of a kangaroo. Who are these animals? What do they mean to us? What do we gain (or lose) by utilizing their representations?

Most people don’t think about the many animals (with the exception of household pets or nuisance wildlife) that inhabit their life. But most communities are populated by a varied group of animals through advertising, packaging, movies, books, TV and many other mediums. Boundaries like wild and tame, food and friend, companion and pest are both defined and challenged by images of animals that appear in popular culture. Animal representations have been manufactured, deconstructed and reconstructed by humans. Through these manipulations, it is possible to learn a great deal about how we view animals.

Animal Inventory is a place where these images can be expored, catalogued and recognized as vital elements of conversation that contribute to our understanding of animals. From the most mundane characters in TV commercials to the most profound documentary movies, these representations often reflect and influence our core beliefs about animals. These images have the power to effect how our culture conceptualizes animals, how individuals treats animals, and even how people vote about animal-related policies. 

Should you encounter animal imagery that you would like examined on Animal Inventory, please email it to: lisabrown (at) animalinventory (dot) net.


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