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Keeping track of animals in popular culture.


Several very generous readers have asked how they can support Animal Inventory. This site is a labor of love, so your support is greatly appreciated, as is your readership. I’ve created two methods by which you can donate to Animal Inventory:

Click the “Make a donation” button below to donate the monetary amount of your choosing via Paypal:

Or, click on the “Wishlist” button below to contribute to the Animal Inventory library via

Thank you, again, for your kind encouragement.

2 Responses to “Support”

  1. Emily Owens said

    Hi Lisa,

    I attended the Tufts MAPP Program Open House last week and was just checking out your site here. VERY nice. I am excited to comb through it entirely!


  2. marina said

    Love your site!
    I’ve been making work about animals and weather and people for the last few years (see above), and just started a blog to wrangle my research ( I linked to you 🙂

    Great job,


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